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Jacqueline Davis & Randy Adams

Professional Advisory Board

Mission Statement

The Professional Advisory Board will advise and assist the Department with their stated mission of education, research and service by contributing their time, talent and financial support.

The charge of the Advisory Board will be to:

  • Advise faculty, staff and students on current and future trends in the industries and on career-related opportunities.
  • Advise faculty and staff on fund-raising efforts and help identify sources of support -- contributed or earned.
  • Advise faculty and staff on the development, structure and implementation of an internship/mentoring program.
  • Work with faculty and staff to help identify equipment and facility needs.
  • Assist and advise the Department in maintaining effective communication with alumni.
  • Advise the faculty, staff, and students on ways to integrate the practice of theatre artistry with the humanistic dimension of the field.
  • Offer individual talent and expertise in providing workshops, seminars, and tutorial experience for students in the Department.


Professional Advisory Board Members

Randy Adams
Ric Averill
Ken Baker
Ginger Bartkoski Meagher
Henry Bial - ex-officio
Lynn Black
Rhonda Blair
Gigi Gibson Bolt
Christy Brandt
Amy Virginia Buchanan
Jocelyn Buckner
Marvin Carlson
Joyce Malicky Castle
Hoite Caston
Anne Chapman
Karen Christilles
Amy Anders Corcoran
Jacqueline Z. Davis
Jim Dick - ex-officio
Carson Elrod
Lance Gharavi
Sean G. Griffin
Gregory Hill
Don Johnson
Rick Jones
Jay Karnes
Laura Kirk
Neil LaBute
Rod Lathim
Frank Mack
Barbara Mounsey-Zeins
Nancy Opel
Harry Parker
Mandy Patinkin
Gil Perez-Abraham
Lora Powell
Katherine Pryor - ex-officio
Nancy Kauffman Ragey
Mary Ramos
Joseph Roach
Bill Russell
Devin Scillian
Steve Scott
Sally Shedd
Kathleen Warfel
Jenna Woods
Jack Wright
Laura Zabel

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