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KU Dance Chicago Career Week - Call for Applications

October 11 – 18, 2020

The Department of Theatre & Dance offers KU students an immersive week-long program, led by Professor James Moreno, that connects them with nationally recognized choreographers, instructors, and dancers. KU dance alumni who are currently dancing professionally in Chicago will assist with hosting and introducing students to the Chicago dance scene.

  • Take daily classes in professional dance studios
  • Be cast in a dance by a Chicago choreographer
    • Perform this dance in Chicago as part of an evening of dance
    • Perform this dance in the Fall 2020 UDC concert in Lawrence
  • Network with professional dancers, choreographers, studio owners, and producers
  • Participate in recruitment classes at Chicago performing arts high schools

The Department will pay for students’ lodging at the Chicago Parthenon Hostel and round-trip Amtrak tickets. Students will be required to take at least one class every day. Students will pay for these classes, which generally range from $12-$15. Students will pay for their own meals, ground transportation, and other out-of-pocket expenses.
Participation will mean missing some classes - the department will provide "letters of excuse" to students seeking permission to be released from non-department classes, but it is up to the student to seek release from all of their instructors.


  1. Students will be required to participate in all recruitment and networking events.
  2. Social Media activity: Participants will be expected to make use of online media platforms such as social media and blogging to share their experiences during the trip. Detailed instructions will be provided.
  3. Reflection Project: Participants will submit by November 8 a one-page written essay on their experience during CCW, highlighting what they learned in Chicago. 
  4. Feedback Survey: Participants will be provided with a survey that must be completed and submitted by November 8.
  5. Participants must be available to speak about their CCW experience during departmental events. 

Complete and submit this application by 4 p.m., Monday, April 27, 2020 for consideration. Results will be announced by Monday, May 4, 2020.

Questions about Chicago Career Week and this application should be directed to James Moreno.

Your class level as of Fall 2020 (e.g. Sophomore, Junior, Senior)
one dance faculty member with whom you have taken a course
What are your goals and/or career objectives? (Be as specific as you can.)
Briefly tell us how Career Week will help you fullfil these goals and what you expect to gain from participating.
List the areas of dance that interest you in order of importance (e.g. - performing, choreography, tech: lighting/sound etc, producer, studio ownership, etc.)
What particular skills and/or talents do you possess that you feel would make a contribution to the group?

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