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Master of Fine Arts in Scenography

  • Master of Fine Arts in Scenography
  • Master's and Doctoral Degrees in Theatre Studies
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Scenography classes are at the core of the curriculum. While in the program, students will design at least four realized productions in the University Theatre. They will do at least one lighting, one costume and one scenic design, and preferably a combination of two or all design areas for one production. Design assignments, made by the scenography faculty, will be based on the students' experience and interests (i.e., a student with little experience in lighting design will be given a less challenging project in the smaller theatre).

Students work with the KU Theatre's professional staff in the realization of their designs. Successful scenography students at the University of Kansas have come from a variety of backgrounds, including theatre, art and design, illustration and architecture. Students with deficiencies in theatre production, theatre and/or art history, and painting and drawing may be required to take undergraduate courses in these areas, which could result in a longer program.

Course and Credit Distribution Requirements

I. Core Requirement: 703 Directed Reading in Theatre (3)

II. Concentration Requirement 
THR 518 Scenography and the Classic Script (3)
THR 519 Scenography and the Modern Script (3)
THR 618 Scenography and the Musical Theatre (3)
THR 619 Scenography and the Contemporary Script (3)
THR 620 Scenography and the Experimental Production (3)
THR 719 M.F.A. Production Seminar (6)

THR 801 Professional Development Seminar (1)
THR 819 Advanced M.F.A. Production Seminar (6) 

THR 898 Investigation and Conference for Master's Students (6) 

THR 899 Master's Thesis (1-6)

Electives: Students are required to complete a total of 60 hours. Courses in Theatre are recommended, specifically THR 520,521,525,526, or 599 as needed.  

Total Hours: 60 


Scenography Faculty

Dennis Christilles

Mark Reaney  

Kelly Vogel

Rana Esfandiary

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