Graduation with Departmental Honors

Graduation with departmental honors is awarded in recognition of exceptional performance in the major, completion of a program of independent research or an alternative project, and a strong overall academic record. Theatre undergraduates interested in honors should submit a written declaration of intention to their advisor. The following are required:

  1. A grade-point average at the time of declaration and at graduation of at least 3.25 overall and 3.5 in theatre courses.

  2. A maximum of 6 hours in THR 498 Honors Seminar. Enrollment in this course must be approved by your theatre advisor using a 307/498/499 Permission Form (PDF). Students in the honors seminar work under the direction of one instructor for each semester. The instructor conducts an examination at the end of each semester's work and assigns a grade. Credit only is given to students who complete the work assigned for any semester but do not complete the requirements for honors.  

  3. Satisfactory performance in a final oral examination given approximately one month before graduation

In addition to the requirements of the Department , the College requires the following for graduation with departmental honors:

  1. Candidates must declare the intention to work for departmental honors with the appropriate departmental honors coordinator(s) no later than the time of enrollment for the final undergraduate semester, but sooner if required by the department(s). Copies of the Departmental Honors Intent Form (PDF) should be returned to College Student Academic Services.
  2. At the end of the final undergraduate semester, the candidate must have achieved an overall grade-point average of at least 3.25 and a grade-point average of at least 3.5 in the major. Both overall and major grade-point averages include work completed at other institutions, as well as at KU. No minimum grade-point average is required to declare candidacy for graduation with departmental honors unless specified by the department.
  3. Each candidate’s departmental honors work must include independent research or an acceptable alternative project. The results of research are presented in a form appropriate to the requirements of the major department. Equivalents to the independent research component are established by approved departmental honors programs. In courses meeting the independent research requirement, the candidate must earn a grade of B or higher. Successful completion of all departmental honors requirements must be certified to the departmental honors coordinator(s) by a panel composed of at least three members of the College faculty who have read the report of the independent research and heard the oral presentation, where required.

Consult this year's undergraduate catalog for information about University and Department Honors. 

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