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About the Institute for the Exploration of Virtual Realities

The Institute for the Exploration of Virtual Realities (i.e. VR) is a nationally and internationally acclaimed organization for research within KU’s Department of Theatre under the direction of Professor Mark Reaney.  

i.e.VR’s main goal is to explore the uses of digital media in theatrical production.  To that end, we have staged multiple productions using real-time computer graphics (virtual reality) as the main scenic medium.  Since 1996 we have staged The Adding Machine, Play, Wings, Tesla Electric, Machinal, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Dinosaurus, The Magic Flute and The Tree of Life. Each production featured a new and unique use of digital technology. Our work also includes the virtual recreation of historic theatres and VR simulations of more traditional scenery. We have disseminated the results of these experiments through our website, publishing of articles, workshops and lectures around the world.  For more information and samples of our experiments, please visit the i.e. VR website.

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