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Kilty Kane Award

2021 Recipient Gabrielle Smith

2021 Recipient Gabrielle Smith

The Kilty Kane Award is the highest award that can be given in recognition of outstanding contributions made by a student leaving the program. The Kilty Kane recognizes accomplishments within the University Theatre program.

Jerome Kilty, an accomplished actor, writer and director in the American theatre, was the first guest artist to play a leading role in the newly built Murphy Hall in 1957. He played Falstaff in a production of Henry IV, Part 1, and this "kane" was brought from Scotland to be his personal prop for the production. When Mr. Kilty left, he asked that it be used to honor outstanding contributors to the production program.

The Kilty Kane bears the name of each recipient of the award and is used as a prop to open and close each academic season. A first-year student is selected out of the crowd at the annual Rally to tap the “kane” three times on the stage to open the season. At the end of the year, at the annual banquet, the recipient of the Kilty Kane closes the season in the same manner. This tradition, along with the recognition of excellent service to the program, has defined this award for all faculty, staff, students, and alumni as the most prestigious honor to bestow upon a graduate.

The Kilty Kane Award is presented by nomination and vote of the faculty.

Past Recipients 
Year     Recipients
2021 Gabrielle Smith
2020 Elsa Bernauer
2019 Katie Sgroi
2018 Robert Crone
2017 Leah Mazur
2016 Kevin Siess
2015 Thomas Tong
2014 Julia Ubert
2013 Hilary Surface
2012 Boone J. Hopkins
2011 Ben Sullivan
2010 Amy Virginia Buchanan, Spencer Lott
2009 Ann Sitzman
2008 Brady Blevins
2007 Stephen Ferrell, Justin Knudsen
2006 Eric Avery
2005 Christopher Wheatley
2004 Beth Collins
2003 Brian Clinnin
2002 Tom Picasso
2001 Alison Preston
2000 Jennifer Jacob
1999 Tony Fuemmeler, Silas Hoover
1998 Stephen Hudson-Mairet
1997 Laura Zabel
1996 Erin Kessler, Alex Kipp
1995 Amy Steinhaus, Ron Wilson
1994 Staci Banks, Sandy Saltzstein
1993 Michael Reese
1992 Rita Beier, Bob Donlan
1991 Marsha Paludan
1990 Brenda Yungeberg
1989 Dennis Christilles
1988 Kevin Crawford
1987 David Montee
1986 Tracy Iwersen, Beth Reiff
1985 David McGreevy
1984 Keith Harris, James Larson
1983 Jose "Pepe" Echegaray, Venetia Reece
1982 Aurora Mendoza Perry
1981 Jem Graves, Marcia Grund
1980 Rhonda Blair, Ron Shull
1979 Jeannie Wilkerson, Charles Lown
1978 Jim Peterson
1977 David Cook, Cliff Rakerd
1976 Mary Jane Sisk, Preston Sisk, Jed Davis
1975 Eric Anderson
1974 Chris Johnson, Diane Kling
1973 Peter Clough, William Evans
1972 Earl Trussell
1971 Rhonda Plymate
1970 Steve and Kay Reed
1969 Jack Wright
1968 Dennis Dalen
1967 Paul Hough, Lewin Goff
1966 Sharon Scoville
1965 Jim Hawes
1964 Sidney Berger
1963 Ken Baker
1962 John Welz
1961 Joyce Malicky
1960 Louis Lyda
1959 Marvin Carlson
1958 Bill Kuhlke

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