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Kuhlke Humanitarian Award

2021 Recipient Tehreem Chaudhry

2021 Recipient Tehreem Chaudhry

The Kuhlke Humanitarian Award was created in 1994 to honor Emeritus Professor William Kuhlke and is given to a student leaving the program in recognition of humanitarian service provided to the Department.

Emeritus Professor William Kuhlke is a firm believer in the arts as one of the humanities and its primary purpose to be used as a tool to teach us about ourselves and our neighbors. While on the faculty, Bill insisted that this was not merely the playwright’s job, but the job of everyone involved in the arts community. He believed, he taught, and he exemplified this in his everyday life, and our faculty and staff recognize those same qualities in the recipient.

Bill used the “Kuhlke Krutch" as Prospero’s staff in The Tempest in 1992, and gave the staff to the department after his final performance. When he first envisioned the character’s staff, he saw something shiny and man-made, but when Jim Peterson presented him with a large piece of driftwood that he found at Clinton Lake, Kuhlke fell in love with it. The staff was weathered and twisted, ugly and old, and yet somehow beautiful. Kuhlke felt the natural beauty in the staff symbolized both the character’s faith in reason as the natural path to spiritual purity and his belief in the capacity of knowledge used with reason to make the world a better place.

The Kuhlke Humanitarian Award is presented by nomination and vote of the faculty of the Department.

Past Recipients 
Year     Recipients
2021 Tehreem Chaudhry
2020 LusieCuskey
2019 Brandon Hedger
2018 Rana Esfandiary
2017 Jordan Michael Grant
2016 Gabriel Alaniz
2015 Maggie Boyles
2014 Hailey Lapin
2013 Jenny Curatola
2012 Chandra Owenby Hopkins
2011 Jacquelyn Koester
2010 Elizabeth Elliott, Caleb Stroman
2009 Beth Zupek
2008 Adam Burnett
2007 Kate Giessel
2006 Blake Bolan
2005 Evan Grosshans
2004 Aaron Dyszelski
2003 Hannah Ballou
2002 Becky Lake
2001 Gina Grad
2000 Kate Turnbull
1999 Kim Miller, Jennette E. Selig
1998 Rick Jones
1997 Sally Shedd
1996 Nick Miller-Schlyer, James Wallert
1995 Stacey MacFarlane

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