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Read about Scene Partners: KU Theatre's Visiting Artists and Scholars program 

Barbara EdenBill CobbsKen CernigliaErik EhnMatt ChapmanAmy Virginia Buchanan

8 November 2017. Joe Boothe, Writer and director

Fall 2017: Kevin Vavasseur, Director, actor and writer, "...And Jesus Moonwalks the Mississippi"

18-20 September 2017: Chelsea Pace, Performer, fight choreographer, public performance artist, assistant professor of movement at North Dakota State University

6 April 2017: Javon Johnson. Poetry performance artist-scholar.

10 February 2017: Amelia Rollings. Opera singer, voice teacher.

5-7 December 2016: Laura Leffler-McCabe. Director, actor, designer, producer.

17-21 October 2016: CB Goodman. Physical theatre artist.

Fall 2016: Padraic Lillis. Playwright, "Pooter McGraw Is Not Dead Party."

4 March 2016: Baron Kelly. Actor, director, scholar.

19-22 January 2016: Terry Glaser. Director, playwright, actress. University of San Diego.

28-30 October 2015: Michael Bloom. Director.

24 August to 25 October 2015: Tlaloc Rivas. Writer and director of "Johanna: Facing Forward."

8 April 2015: Carla Noack. Performing artist and teacher.

​6 April 2015: Jennifer Martin. Voice actor.

19 April to 8 May 2015: Eric Avery. Performer, director, designer and live artist.

12-16 April 2015: Amy Mihyang Ginther. Vocal-coaching and cross cultural consulting.

​30 March to 1 April 2015: Stephanie Roberts. Associate Professor of Physical Theatre at UMKC.

23-27 March 2015: Heather Harpham. Solo performance, physical theatre and improvisation.

​2-4 March 2015: Amy Virginia Buchanan. Musician, actor, writer, producer.

23-25 February 2015: Tracy Terstriep. Actor.

16-18 February 2015: Dawn Arnold. Performing artist.

9-11 February 2015: Tony Fuemmler. Mask maker, director, teacher puppeteer.

​26 January to 6 February 2015: Matt Chapman. Performer, teacher and director of physical theatre and clown.

List of Scene Partners 2003-2014

5-6 December 2014: Naomi Patz, Playwright.  Author of "The Last Cyclist"

24-25 April 2014: Ken CernigliaDramaturg. Disney Entertainment New York.

20-22 April 2014: Amy Hughes, Award-winning Theatre Historian, Brooklyn College.

Spring 2014:  Area Professionals Visiting THR 401 Audition Techniques class
Heather Laird, Casting Director, Chair of Kansas City Film Commission, Co-Founder Laird-Wright Casting
Stacey Seigert, Founder and Agent for Moxie Talent, Kansas City
Dave Keith, Broadcast Agent, Exposure Models and Talent, Kansas City
Shawn Mullane, Owner and Agent, Exposure Models and Talent, Kansas City

3-5 April: Lauren Stanford, Actress and Cabaret Artist. New York

January - March 2014: Walter Coppage, Actor.  University Theatre production of Much Ado About Nothing.

January - March 2014: Shannon Regnier, Costume Designer, Kansas City. Guest designer for Much Ado About Nothing.

27-28 March, 2014: Erik Ehn, Playwright. Brown University

14 February 2014: Barbara Eden, Actress.

3-8 February 2014: Alex Kipp, Playwright, Director, Clown.

Spring semester 2014: Guest Instructor Anjali Tata-Hudson taught Movement I

28 September 2013: Bill Cobbs, Actor.

2 December 2013: Matt Chapman & Molly Armstrong, Rubber Repertory.

22 October 2013: Jane Brockman, Actor. Wicked tour.

2013 Spring, Tom Vasiliades, Alexander Technique Instructor

2013 Spring, Janet Hood, Musician, Actor

2013 Spring, Bill Russell, Director, Actor, Playwright, KU Alumnus

2013 Spring, Matt Chapman, Performer, Director, Professional Clown, KU Alumnus

2012 Spring, Sean Griffin, KU Alumnus, Actor, Director

2012 Spring, Cameron DeVictor, Actor, Director, Stuntman

2012 Spring, Brett Scott, Actor, Director

2012 Fall, Robert Skloot, Actor, Director, Playwright, Scholar

2012 Fall, Bill Lattanzi, 2012 Simons Public Humanities Fellow

2012 Fall, Alex Espy, Director, Actor

2012 Fall, Drew Vidal, Actor, Fight Coach

2011 Spring, Karen Wahlgren, Actor, KU alum

2011 Spring, Stephanie Campell, Mask Artist, Actor

2011 Fall, Brian Herrera , Theatre Scholar, Solo Performer

2011 Fall, Kip Niven, Actor, Director, KU alumnus

2011 Fall, Alex Espy, Director, Actor

2010 Spring, Terre Jones, Producer, Artistic Director (KU Alumnus)

2010 Spring, Guo-Hua Lei, Director (China)

2010 Fall, Michelle LaRue, Actor, Alumni

2010 Fall, David Crystal, Actor, Linguist

2010 Fall, Geoffrey Wade, LA Theatreworks Actor

2010 Fall, Kyle Colerider-Krugh, LA Theatreworks Actor

2010 Fall, Christina Chang, Actor, KU alumna

2010 Fall, Neil Burg, Broadway composer, lyricist, producer

2010 Fall, Kate Bornstein, Author, Director, Actress

2009 Spring, Henry Miller, Theatre Scholar and Professional Director

2009 Spring, Julie Rae Mollenkamp, Director and Master Teacher

2009 Spring, Christa  Erickson, Digital Artist

2009 Spring, Chen Shi-Zheng, Professional Director (China)

2009 Spring, Liz Lerman, Founder of Liz Lerman Dance Exchange

2009 Spring, Elmaze Nura, Director (Kosovo)

2009 Fall , Tazwell Thompson, Professional Director

2008 Summer, Algis Mazeika, Master Acting Teacher (Lithuania)

2008 Spring, Carlos Chavarria, Playwright, director, choreographer, and actor

2008 Spring, Gregory Hill, Actor, Producer

2008 Spring, Moses Goldberg, Theatre for Young Audiences playwright and director

2008 Spring,  Aquila Theatre, New York Based Theatre Company

2008 Fall, Romas Viksraitis , Visiting Fulbright Scholar (Lithiuania)

2008 Fall, Egle Perkumaite Viksraitis , Visiting Fulbright Scholar (Lithiuania)

2008 Fall, Tazwell Thompson, Professional Director

2008 Fall, Alex Graves, Producer and Director (KU Alumnus)

2008 Fall, David Milroy, Aboriginal playwright

2008 Fall, Diane Distasio, Voice Specialist

2007 Summer, Bill Russell, Playwright and Director (KU Alumnus)

2007 Spring, Terre Jones, President and CEO of Wolftrapp

2007 Spring, Andre De Shields, Actor

2007 Spring, Jose Cruz Gonzalez, Playwright

2007 Spring, Andre DeShields, Actor

2007 Fall,  Mangiare Theatre Company, Europe Based Theatre Company

2007 Fall, Kip Niven, Actor (Kansas City; KU Alumnus)

2007 Fall, Neil LaBute, Playwright ( KU Alumnus)

2006 Spring, Anthony Rapp, Actor

2006 Spring, James Hamilton , Theatre Scholar

2006 Spring, Moses Goldberg, Playwright and Director

2006 Spring, James Rone, Actor

2006 Spring, Anthony Rapp, Actor & Activist

2006 Fall, Diane Di Stastio, Recording Artist

2006 Fall, Laurie Ellinghausen, Theatre Scholar

2006 Fall, Carson Elrod, Actor (KU Alumnus)

2006 Fall, Stacy Wolf, Theatre Scholar

2005 Spring, Andreas Flourakis, Playwright (Greece)

2005 Spring, Eli Simon, Master Acting Teacher

2005 Spring, Joan Lipkin, Artistic Director

2005 Spring, Eric Booth, Author and Master Teaching Artist

2005 Spring, Mandy Patinkin, Actor

2005 Fall, Alex Graves, Producer and Director (KU Alumnus)

2005 Fall, Joan Lipkin, Master Acting Teacher

2005 Fall, Brandt Huseby, Costume Desiger (KU Alumnus)

2005 Fall, Ric Averill, Director (KU Alumnus)

2005 Fall, Seth Golay, Actor (Kansas City)

2005 Fall, Nancy Marcy, Coterie Theatre, KCMO

2005 Fall, Chris McCoy, Theatre Teacher (KU Alumnus)

2005 Fall, Ruth  Parks, Youth Theatre Director, Coterie Theatre

2005 Fall, Jennifer Fletcher, Youth Theatre Director, Topeka Civic Theatre

2005 Fall, Christie Dobson, Actor

2005 Fall, James Still, Playwright (KU Alumnus)

2004 Spring, Ellen Gainor, Theatre Scholar

2004 Spring, Andrew Wade, Voice Specialist (Royal Shakespeare Co. UK)

2003 Spring, Jon Rossini, Theatre Scholar

2003 Fall,  "Reverend Billy" , Producer and Activist

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