Theatre & KU Core

The Department has a number of theatre courses in the KU Core.

Goal 1, Learning Outcome #1  

THR 177 Freshman Seminar

Goal 3, Humanities

THR 100 Introduction to Theatre

THR 106 Acting I

THR 215 Approaching Design

THR 429 Postcolonial Theatre and Drama

Goal 4

Learning Outcome #1: THR 327 African American Theatre and Drama

Learning Outcome #2: THR 429 Postcolonial Theatre and Drama

Goal 5

THR 404 Children and Drama is part of the Service Learning Certificate

Goal 6 (consult your advisor about enrolling in these capstone courses)

THR 307 Theatre Internship

THR 498 Honor's Seminar (Independent Study)

THR 499 Directed Study in Theatre

THR 560 Collaborative Production

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