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Charles "Buddy" Rogers Scholarship

Charles "Buddy Rogers and Mary PickfordFunding for the Charles “Buddy” Rogers Scholarship was provided to KU Theatre by the Mary Pickford Foundation in 1987. 

Charles 'Buddy' Rogers grew up in Olathe, Kansas, graduated from the University of Kansas, and moved to Hollywood where he started appearing in silent films by the mid-1920s. He was in two big hits right away: Fascinating Youth (1926), his first film, and Wings (1927), co-starring Clara Bow. Wings was the first feature film to win an Academy Award for Best Picture. In 1927 Buddy met film star Mary Pickford and they were married in 1937. Their marriage lasted for forty-two years, one of the longest in Hollywood history to that point.

The fund is used to provide scholarships to needy, worthy students who are citizens of the USA and not on an athletic scholarship. The additional criteria will be that they have demonstrated scholarly capabilities as well as creative capabilities that will equip them for work in theatre and/or film.

Past Recipients 
 Year  Recipients
2019 Hanah Glimpse, Petricia Hall
2018 Chris Martin, Kayleigh Shaffer
2017 Brandon Hedger, Charlotte Nodarse
2016 Elissa Bowen
2015 Elissa Bowen, Joshua A. Greene, Diadra Smith
2014 Rebecca Damron, Joshua A. Greene,
Brandon Khamsiharath, Scott C. Knowles
2013 Rebecca Damren, Sara Kennedy, Jordan Partin
2012 Cynthia Evans, Alex Roschitz, Charles Stock
2011 Ashley Hoyle, Charles Stock
2010 Maggie Parker, Edward Schubel
2009 Jocelyn L. Buckner, Ashley Hoyle
2008 Jacquelyn Bowin, Jocelyn L. Buckner,
Emily Herold, Rich Housh
2007 Jason Cole, Brian Ervin, Muriel Green,
Chelsie Shipley
2006 Jason Cole, Kate Giessel, Rachael Perry,
Mark von Schlemmer
2005 Black Bolan, Malakai Edison, Rachael Perry,
Mark von Schlemmer
2004 Summer Eglinski, William Lamborn, Nicholas Mosher,
Christopher Wheatley
2003 Summer Eglinski, Brent Lind, Katherine McRobbie,
Mark von Schlemmer
2002 Hannah Ballou, Matthew Cohen, Allison Gabbard,
Kelly Mengelkoch
2001 Ryan Colwell, Kelly Mengelkoch, Megan Schemmel,
Robert Sokol
2000 Aneikit Bonnel, John Buxton, Tom Picasso,
Megan Schemmel
1999 Kristen Bush, Faye Riley, Don M. Schawang,
Kate Turnbull
1998 Karen Dillon, David Gramly, Amanda Staats,
Janna Ziegler
1997 Karen Dillon, Leslie Atkins Durham,
Jennifer Beth Nichols, Don M. Schawang
1996 Karen Dillon, Leslie Atkins Durham, Kristen Riccardi,
Don M. Schawang
1995 Alex Kipp, Nick Miller-Schlyer, Don M. Schawang,
Galina Urman
1994 Leslie Atkins, Sarah Jane Eggers,
Linda Graziano, Alex Kipp
1993 Leslie Atkins, Eustacia Dziuk, Chad S. Frey,
Darrin Lile, Judy Pfeifer
1992 Stacey MacFarlane, Kerry Menzie, Judy Pfeifer,
Vaughn Schultz
1991 Rita Beier, Christine Frietchen, Brenda Manske,
Rick Mundy
1990 Erik Bruce, Jeffrey David Hopkins,
Linda Sue Mosher, Kari Paludan
1989 Mark Jennison, Linda Sue Moshier, Tom Poe,
Jude Wallis

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