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Clarence Seaver Technical Theatre Scholarship

The Clarence Seaver Technical Theatre Scholarship was created by Cheryl Wonnell, daughter of Clarence Seaver, to honor her father’s long-time service as the Scene Shop Manager at the University Theatre. Mr. Seaver was the Shop Manager for more than twenty years and was passionate about the theatre program.

The scholarship provides an award for one undergraduate and one graduate student who are planning a career in technical theatre.

Past Recipients 
Year Recipients
2018 Matthew O'Brien, Taylor Zimmerman
2017 Katie Sgroi, Kate Smeltzer
2016 Jacob Dutton, Leah Mazur
2015 Gabriel Alaniz, Pamela Rodríguez-Montero
2014 Jami Bessey, Rebecca Damren
2013 Rebecca Damren, Megan Lethbridge
2012 Cynthia Evans, Megan Lethbridge
2011 Elahe Marjovi, Hilary Surface
2010 Tammy Keiser, Nate Selee
2009 Sara Finney, Tammy Keiser
2008 Robert Figueira, Elizabeth Grim
2007 Nicholas Kostner, Erin Niedenthal
2006 Lucinda Koenig, Kelly Vogel
2005 Robbie Jones, Robert Sturner

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