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Critical Feedback Model

To facilitate a positive environment for learning, KU Dance uses the Critical Feedback Process which is outlined below. We find this process to be effective in building communication, problem-solving and analytical skills.

  • Be respectful in your communication. An email should use appropriate forms of address, and conversations should be positive and solution-oriented.
  • Ask the professor for permission to discuss the problem or issue. It may be a simple question or a longer conversation, but it will be important to talk in an appropriate setting and time. A question of clarity about a class exercise may be addressed in the moment, but a discussion of your grade will likely involve a quiet conversation in office hours.
  • State what you observed. Make no assumptions, there may be reasons why the situation exists. At the same time, the professor may not be aware of the situation, so your feedback is important.
  • Explain the impact
  • Listen to the response.
  • Discuss solutions to problems.
  • If the critical feedback model is not successful or appropriate to your situation, KU Dance has a grievance policy.

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