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Master's and Doctoral Degrees in Theatre Studies

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  • Master's and Doctoral Degrees in Theatre Studies
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The Master of Arts in theatre is an academic degree, but students are expected to complete 6 hours in theatrical production. All M.A. students must write a thesis as the culmination of the degree. At least 50% of the coursework required for the M.A. degree must be taken at the 700 level or above. To complete the M.A. students must sustain a grade-point average of 3.0 or higher through 33 graduate credit hours. Up to 6 additional courses in a foreign language or research skills may be required by your advisor. 

Core Requirements
THR 800 Introduction to Graduate Study in Theatre
(THR 800 is to be taken the first semester in residence.)
In consultation with an adviser, students choose from among departmental courses in theatre history, dramatic literature, theory, and criticism 6
Production- Select two courses in either directing, scenography, dance, or dramaturgy:  6
A. Directing
THR 710 The Art of Directing (3) 
THR 715 Problems and Techniques of Direction (3)
THR 815 Advanced Play Production (3)
B. Scenography
THR 516 Scenic Painting Techniques (3)
THR 517 Computer-Aided Design (3)
THR 720 Scenography and the Classic Script (3)
THR 721 Scenography and the Modern Script (3)
THR 820 Scenography and the Musical Theatre (3)
THR 821 Scenography and the Contemporary Script (3)
THR 822 Scenography and the Experimental Production (3)

C. Dramaturgy or Dance
THR 702 Graduate Seminar in: _____ (3) 

General Theatre Studies
15 hours of courses from graduate offerings in theatre history, dramatic literature, history and criticism. Of these 15 hours, up to 6 may be graduate courses from other areas such as film and media studies; child psychology; American studies; African and African-American studies; women, gender, and sexuality studies; developmental psychology; English; and pertinent offerings from language and culture programs.
Completion of the Degree

An oral examination structured around a thesis based on scholarly and/or creative research:

THR 899 Master’s Thesis 3

All courses should be selected in consultation with your adviser.

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