Title Author Year Faculty Chair Faculty (in no particular order) Outside Member
Men, Memory, and Memorial: Vietnam Veteran Theatrical Narratives Amanda Boyle 2016 Henbry Bial Nichole Hodges Persley, Rebecca Rovit, Jane Barnette Adrian Lewis (English)
Living Shakespeare at the Lansing Correctional Facility, Kansas: Rehabilitation and Re-creation in Action Scott Cox 2016 Rebecca Rovit John Tedesco Gronbeck, Henry Bial, Jeanne Klein Randal Jelks (AMS)
Ultra-Sounding Maternal Subjectivity: A Feminist Reclamation of Pregnancy and Childbirth on Stage Lynn Deboeck 2015 Henry Bial John Tedesco Gronbeck, Rebecca Rovit, Omofolabo Soyinka Ajayi Alesha Doan (WGSS)
Performing The Passion of Christ in Postmodernity: American Passion/passion Plays as Ritual and Postmodern Theatre Hun Seok Choi 2012 Henry Bial Mechele Leon, John Tedesco Gronbeck, Ajayi Soyinka Omofolabo Sandra Swartz Zimdars (HMWC)
The Power of Space: The Acropolis, the Theatre of Dionysos, and Tragedy in the 5th Century BCE Katrina Bondari 2011 Dennis Christilles Henry Bial, John Tedesco Gronbeck, Jack Wright Michael Shaw (Classics)
Shady Ladies: Sister Acts, Popular Performance, and the Subversion of American Identity Jocelyn Buckner 2010 Henry Bial Mechele Leon, John Tedesco Gronbeck, Iris Smith Fischer Sherrie Tucker (American Studies)
Carriere, Patrick C. Reading for the Soul in Stanislavski's "The Work of the Actor on Him/Herself: Orthodox Mysticism, Mainstream Occultism, Psychology and the System in the Russian Silver Age Patrick C. Carriere 2010 John Tedesco Gronbeck Henry Bial, Mechele Leon, Maia Kipp Gerald Mikkelson (Slavic)
Re-Inventing Memory and Reforming Performances: A Genealogy of Panic Theatre in Zimbabwe After Operation Restore Order Joy L. Wrolson 2009 Omofolabo Ajayi John Tedesco Gronbeck, Tamara Falicov, Peter Ukpokodu Elizabeth MacGonagle (History)
"A New Place to Stand." Virtual Reality on Stage at the University of Kansas David-Michael Allen 2004 Dennis Christilles John Tedesco-Gronbeck, Mark Reaney, Del Unruh Jim Miller
Mibu Kyogen: A Living Tradition of Folk Theatre Sally E. Chaney 1997 Andrew Tsubaki Robert Findlay, John Tedesco Gronbeck, Ron Willis Fumiko Yamamoto
The "Pure Man", Disciple of None: Positioning GROTOWSKI'S Metaphysics and Method In Contemporary Euro-Asian Mysticism As Represented By KRISHNAMURTI Massoud Delkhah 1997 Jack Wright Omofolabo Ajayi, John Tedesco Gronbeck, Paul Meier Paul Lim (English)
The Open Theatre: Its Potential Contribution to The Arabic Theatre in North Africa and the Middle East Sabah M. Al-Safer 1991 Ron Willis John Tedesco-Gronbeck, Robert Findlay, William Kuhlke Robert Anderson
The Action Design of Jaroslav Malina: Nine Recent Productions Dennis Christilles 1990 John Tedesco Gronbeck Del Unruh, William Kuhlke, Robert Findlay Timothy Mitchell
Nikolai Erdman's The Mandate and The Suicide: Critical Analysis Joseph E. Brandesky 1990 William Kuhlke Jack Wright, John Tedesco Gronbeck Gerald Mikkelson (Slavic)
Death and Childhood: Attitudes and Approaches in Society, Children's Literature, and Children's Theatre and Drama Eugene E. Corum 1990 Robert Findlay Glenn Pierce, Chuck Berg, William Kuhlke Daryl Evans
The Neutral Actor: From Copeau to Grotowski and Beyond Richard A. Witmore 1990 Robert Findlay Ron Willis, Glenn Pierce, John Tedesco Gronbeck Ted Johnson (French)
Characterization and Narrative in Shakespeare's Dramatic Figures Duncan Steven Vincent 1989 John Tedesco Gronbeck Robert Findlay, Ron WIllis, Jack Wright Richard Hardin (English)
Children's Theatre in Thailand Vajaranant Piyada Branch 1989 Jed Davis Robert Findlay, William Kuhlke, Andrew Tsubaki Robert Anderson (French)
Gender and Genre: Power and Women's Relationships in Shakespeare's Plays Mary K. Dellasega 1988 John Tedesco Gronbeck William Kuhlke, Jack Wright, Ron Willis Jack Oruch (English)
The Theatre Underground: A Classical Revolutionary Organization Robert D. Taylor 1988 Ron Willis Robert Findlay, John Tedesco Gronbeck, William Kuhlke Helmut Hoelsbergen
The Nigerian Drama from Independence to the Present Peter I. Ukpokodu 1984 Robert Findlay John Tedesco Gronbeck, Jed Davis, William Kuhlke Robert Cobb
A Portrait of Misha - The Life and Artistic Accomplishments of Mikhail Alexandrovich Chekhov Lendley C. Black 1984 William Kuhlke Ronald Willis, John Tedesco Gronbeck, Jack Wright Gerald Mikkelson (Slavic)
Drama in Opera: The Logic of Opera and of Opera Criticism Kennis N. Wessel 1983 John Tedesco Gronbeck Del Unruh, Jed Davis, Ron Willis Jack Oruch (English)
A Langerion Analysis of Chekhov's Major Plays Rhonda Blair 1981 William Kuhlke Jack Wright, Jed Davis, John Tedesco Gronbeck Gerald Mikkelson (Slavic)
American Vaudeville Managers: Their Organization and Influence Timothy D. Connors 1981 Robert Findlay William Kuhlke, Ron WIllis, Jack Wright C. Griffin
Jose' Quintero: The Circle in the Square Years: 1950-1963 Byron David Cook 1981 Jed Davis Tom Rea, Charles Lown None
Richard Billinger, Hanns Johst, and Eberhard Moeller: Three Representative National Socialist Playwrights Rufus J. Cadigan 1979 Robert Findlay Ronald Willis, William Kulke None
The Dramatic Criticism of Alexander Woollcott Morris U. Burns 1978 William Kuhlke Ronald Willis, Robert Findlay None
Death and Childhood: Attitudes and Approaches in Society, Children's Literature, and Children's Theatre and Drama Gayle L. Cornelison 1975 Jed Davis Tom Rea, Charles Lown None
After the Thaw: Three Playwrights and the Romanian Theatre in the Spring of 1969 Miles W. Coiner Jr. 1972 William Kuhlke Robert Findlay, Tom Rea None
The Stage Irishman on the 19th Century American Stage Randolph Charles Wheeler 1972 Ron Willis Robert Findlay, Charles Lown None
Opera for Children: An Analysis of Selected Works Sara Kathryn Bethea 1971 Jed Davis Tom Rea, Andrew Tsubaki None
The Theatre Director Otto Brahm Horst Claus 1970 Robert Findlay William Kuhlke, Tom Rea None
A Guide to Manuscripts and Special Collections in the Theatrical Arts in the United States and Canada Curtis William Young 1970 Fredric Litto William Kuhlke, Robert Findlay None
Militating for Change: The Black Revolutionary Theatre Movement in the United States Clyde G. Sumpter 1970 William Kuhlke Robert Findlay, Andrew Tsubaki None
Kalidasa: A New Interpretation Ram V. Sri Bakshi 1970 Andrew Tsubaki Fredric Litto, Charles Lown <none>
The Living Theatre: Alive and Committed Jack B. Wright 1969 Robert Findlay Jack Brooking, William Kulke None
Howard Bay, Scene Designer Jerry Davis 1968 Charles Lown Robert Findlay, James Hawes None
Maxwell Anderson: An Attitude Toward Man Thomas Arthur Tees 1967 Walter Meserve Jed Davis, Charles Lown None
American Dramatic Criticism, 1800-1830 Vincent L. Angotti 1967 Walter Meserve Robert Findlay, Charles Lown <none>
The Theatres of J.B. McElfatrick and Sons, Architects, 1855-1922 (Vol. I & II) David Byrne Blackwood 1966 William Reardon William Reardon, Lewin Goff, Walter Meserve None
The Women in the Plays of Eugene O├ĽNeill Nancy Vunovich 1966 William Reardon Lewin Goff, Walter Meserve None
The Theme of Poverty as Reflected in Plays by Six Depression Playwrights Dennis Denning 1966 Jack Brooking Walter Meserve, Lewin Goff None
The Development of the American National Theatre Peter James Coulson 1965 William Reardon Lewin Goff, Walter Meserve None
The Stage and Film Career of Rouben Mamoulian (Vol. I & II) William J. Becvar 1964 William Reardon Lewin Goff, Walter Meserve <none>
The First PhD earned in the Department. The Theme of Persecution in Selected Dramas of the Yiddish Art Theatre Sydney L. Berger 1964 William Reardon Lewin Goff, Walter Meserve None

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