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Ethel Hinds Burch Awards

The Ethel Hinds Burch Award fund was established in 1992 by Vance L. Burch. The fund is used to provide awards for deserving graduate students majoring in Theatre in the Department. The annual awards, which may be renewable, are given to outstanding graduate teaching assistants (GTAs) in recognition of both their teaching ability and their academic accomplishments at KU.

Ethel Margaret Hinds Burch was born in Missouri on January 22, 1906, and married Vance Lindill Burch on May 29, 1937, in Jackson County, Missouri. Ethel taught drama and theater at Pasadena Community College, Pasadena, California, for most of her working life. She died on March 1, 1976, in San Marcus, California, where she and Vance lived in retirement. Ethel had been a student at KU in the 1920s and had been active in the KU community having participated in the Dramatic Club, the History Club, and the Jay Janes, an early women's pep club at KU.

The Ethel Hinds Burch Awards are presented by nomination and vote of the faculty of the Department.

Outstanding GTA in Theatre Award

Past Recipients 
Year     Recipients
2021 John Dylon Rohr, Caleb Stephens
2020 David Ruis Fisher, Kaitlyn Tossie
2019 Lusie Cuskey, Kate Smeltzer
2018 Lusie Cuskey, Chelsea Pitts
2017 Leah Mazur, Gina Sandi-Diaz
2016 Gina Sandi-Diaz, Leah Mazur, Rachel Blackburn
2015 Pamela Rodriguez-Montero, Rachel Eliza Blackburn
2014 Jeanne Tiehen
2013 Jeanne Tiehen, Julia Ubert
2012 Danny Devlin
2011 James Diemer, Seok-Hun Choi
2010 Boone Hopkins, Tammy Keiser
2009 James Diemer, Chandra O. Hopkins
2008 Jocelyn L. Buckner, Madison Spencer
2007 Katrina Bondari
2006 Robbie Jones, Kelly Vogel
2005 Robbie Jones, Joy Richmond
2004 Aaron Dyszelski, Julie Noonan, Danon Park
2003 Sara Armstrong, Beth Collins
2002 Joy Richmond
2001 Julie Noonan
2000 Patrick Carriere
1999 Bill Nelson
1998 Sharon Sullivan
1997 Rick Jones
1996 Doug Weaver
1995 Leslie Atkins
1994 Brent Noel

Outstanding New GTA in Theatre Award

Past Recipients 
Year     Recipients
2021 Webster McDonald
2020 Timmia Hearn Feldman, John Dylon Rohr
2019 Kaitlyn Tossie
2018 Alysha Griffin
2017 Lusie Cuskey, David Ruis Fisher
2016 Blair Lawrence Yates
2015 Leah Mazur
2014 Pamela Rodriguez-Montero
2013 Amanda Boyle
2012 Julia Fleck, Scott C. Knowles
2011 Elahe Marjovi
2010 Lynn Deboeck
2009 Seok-Hun Choi, Tammy Keiser
2008 Boone Hopkins, Chandra Hopkins
2007 Jocelyn L. Buckner, Madison Spencer
2006 Katrina Darden Bondari
2005 Kelly Vogel
2004 Robbie Jones
2003 Danon Park
2002 Sara Armstrong, Aaron Dyszelski
2001 Brian Clinnin
2000 Sandi Bailey
1999 Maggie Baldomir
1998 Bill Nelson
1997 Sharon Sullivan
1996 Ann Hockenberry Hause, Stephen Hudson-Mairet
1995 Louise Herman
1994 Tamara Anderson

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