Graduate Student Travel Fund

The Department of Theatre & Dance provides travel funds to support the academic and creative development of its students, to encourage professional development, support research, and to increase the visibility of the department in the national and international sphere.

Up to $700 during the academic year may be awarded for the following activities:

  • Participation in regional, national or international workshops or festivals.
  • Presentation at conferences.
  • Travel that supports research for a thesis or dissertation.
  • Representation at a conference when serving as elected officers of a related regional or national organization.


Students must be in good academic standing in their degree program in Theatre & Dance. Students are encouraged to apply for SOTA travel funds as well as department funds. These awards are listed on the department website.

Application Deadline

Rolling. You may submit your application at any time during the regular academic year.


Funding is limited. When awarded, the student will complete a “Travel Request Form” prior to travel. Some expenses can be pre-paid with a purchasing card, like airfare, conference registration, and hotel costs. All additional receipts for expenditures must be submitted to the department within two weeks of completion of travel.

Application Procedures

  •  Attach a one-page, single-spaced narrative describing your participation in the workshop, festival or event and its significance to your research and/or creative activity. Indicate any potential outcomes (i.e., publication, future presentations or performances, future collaborations, etc.) that may result from your travel.
  • Include a copy of the invitation to present or participate, if applicable.
  • Provide documentation of expected travel costs. For example, you could provide a printout from an online travel resource that identifies flight costs and/or lodging costs. A photocopy of conference materials showing registration fees would be another way of documenting your travel expenses.
  • Complete a signed W9 and return it to the department along with your application.
  • Email the completed application package to

Review Procedures and Criteria

The proposals will be reviewed for eligibility by the department chair and DGS, who will rank the proposals and recommend awards based on the eligibility of funds according to the following criteria:

  • Significance
    • What is the importance of the conference, workshop, or event to the student’s professional development?
    • How will the student’s participation at the conference, workshop, or event lead to significant scholarly or artistic achievement?
    • How will the experience contribute to the visibility and reputation of the Department of Theatre & Dance at the University of Kansas?
  • Quality of the proposal 
    • Is the proposal complete with all requested supporting information?
    • Is it well-written with clear explanations of the importance of the travel to the student’s professional development?
  • Eligibility of the student
    • Is the student currently enrolled and in good standing?
    • Does the student’s academic record indicate success and seriousness as revealed by their GPA and their selection of coursework?

Questions regarding the above procedures should be directed to the Director of Graduate Studies at

Application Checklist

  • One-page,single-spaced narrative describing participation in the conference, workshop, presentation, exhibition, or event and its significance. This narrative indicates potential outcomes.
  • Scan/copy of the invitation to present or participate, when applicable.
  • Documentation of expected travel costs and W9
  • Email the completed application package as a single PDF file to