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New Theatre Guild Foundation Scholarships

The New Theatre Guild was formed in 1994 by Kansas City actress Dodie Brown to promote and encourage the growth of live theater in the Greater Kansas City area. Her love of theatre and the related arts is expressed through her profession and ongoing support for the artistic community. The idea was born when Dodie was asked to use some of her friends as extras in The Sound of Music. They had so much fun during the production that it became a regular habit. This is when Dodie decided it was time to bring professional arts and arts supporters together by forming a Guild that uniquely blends the two! The Guild enjoys the support and encouragement of The New Theatre Restaurant of Overland Park, Kansas, and its owners, Dennis D. Hennessy and Richard Carrothers.

Theatre arts scholarships are the Guild's philanthropic focus. The beneficiaries are area universities who maintain outstanding theatre arts departments. Currently, the Guild funds scholarships at the University of Kansas, the University of Missouri-Kansas City, the University of Central Missouri, and Kansas State University. The Guild has awarded scholarships to students at the University of Kansas since its inception in 1994.

Dennis D. Hennessy & Richard Carrothers Scholarship

Past Recipients 
Year Recipients
2019 Emily Hunsucker
2018 Katie Sgroi
2017 Katie Sgroi
2016 Blair Lawrence Yates
2015 Abigail Sharp
2014 Cale Morrow
2013 Alison Christy
2012 Lindsey Roesti

Dodie Myers Brown Scholarship

Past Recipients 
Year Recipients
2019 Gabrielle Smith
2018 Jakob Reitz
2017 Victoria Kilkenny
2016 Victoria Kilkenny
2015 Brianna Woods
2014 Elissa Bowen
2013 Jaclyn Nischbach
2012 Margaret Hanzlick
2011 Jenny Curatola
2010 Marilyn Haines
2009 Tammy Keiser
2008 Elizabeth Banks
2007 Adam Burnett
2006 Justin Knudsen

Don Knotts Scholarship

Past Recipients 
Year Recipients
2019 Dominique Waller
2018 Brandon Hedger
2017 Andrew Hafling
2016 Amanda Gerber
2015 Aden Lindholm
2014 Kevin Siess
2013 Timothy Wilkinson
2012 Shannon Buhler
2011 Nick Kellum
2010 Garrett Lawson
2009 Amy Virginia Buchannan
2008 Christopher McGillivray
2007 Spencer Lott
2006 Lauren Marshall

Jacqueline and Curt Stokes Scholarship (formerly the NTG Foundation Scholarship)

Past Recipients 
Year Recipients
2019 Hollyanna Mathews
2018 David Ruis Fisher
2017 Nathan Bowman
2016 Charlotte Nodarse
2015 Rachel Blackburn
2014 Danny Devlin, Isabella Hampton
2013 Lily Lancaster
2012 Thom Browne
2011 Jeff List
2010 Ben Sullivan
2005 Dylan Hilpman
2004 Lawrence Henderson
2003 Evan Grosshans
2002 Matt Simon
2001 Allison Gabbard
2000 Maureen Perry
1997 Andrea Lockett
1996 Andrea Lockett

William and Penny Gamm Scholarship

Past Recipients 
Year Recipients
2019 Kara Stobie
2018 Elsa Bernauer
2017 Katelynn Schultz
2016 Rana Esfandiay
2015 Pamela Rodríguez-Montero

Student Educational Enrichment Scholarship (inactive)

Past Recipients 
Year Recipients
2006 Eric Avery, Adam Burnett, Kate Giessel,
Niccole Thurman
2005 Samantha Raines, Christopher Wheatley
2004 Erika Crane

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