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Susan Tisdall Niven Scholarship

The Susan Tisdall Niven Scholarship was established in 1982 by Jeanne P. Tisdall to honor her daughter, Susan Tisdall Niven. Susan graduated from the Department of Theatre in 1968 and was killed in an automobile accident in 1981 while skiing in Colorado.

The fund is to be used to provide a scholarship to an incoming female graduate student in the M.F.A. or Ph.D. programs as well as in the M.A. program in Theatre. The award is to be based on talent as an actress or potential designer, academic achievement during the recipient’s undergraduate career, and a record of active participation in extracurricular activities. 

Contributions to the Susan Tisdall Niven Scholarship Fund may be made via KUEA.

Past Recipients 
Year Recipients
2019 Lusie Cuskey, Jenny Sledge,Kate Smeltzer,
Kaitlyn Tossie
2018 Lusie Cuskey, Lexey Jost,Chelsea Pitts,
Jenny Sledge, Kate Smeltzer, Taylor Zimmerman
2017 Iman Hinton, Chelsea Pitts, Kate Smeltzer
2016 Chelsea Pitts
2014 Alice Holgren
2013 Alice Holgren, Pamela Rodríguez-Montero
2012 Jeanne Tiehen
2011 Jeanne Tiehen
2010 Jean Bosch, Jeanne Tiehen
2009 Tammy Keiser
2008 Elizabeth Grim
2007 Elizabeth Grim
2006 Susanne Kepley
2001 Sara Armstrong
2000 Julie Pearson-Little Thunder, Megan Shea
1999 Sandra Bailey, Joy Richmond
1997 Joanna Ampatzi, Janna Ziegler
1996 Sharon Sullivan
1994 Kimberly Ann Miller
1993 Annette Vest
1992 Leslie Atkins
1991 Stacey MacFarlane, Linda S. Smith
1990 Maureen Boyd, Marsha M. Morgan
1989 Anne Marie Hanson, Donna Kane
1988 Jenny R. Deam, Donna Kane
1987 Donna Kane
1986 Kimberly Stiles
1985 Kathleen Valmarie Penley
1984 Debbie Anderson
1982 Roberta Wilhelm

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