Alumni Honor Citation

Since 1958 the Department has awarded an Alumni Honor Citation to graduates of the department to honor the academic and professional accomplishments of our alumni. The representation of this award also inspires the faculty to continue to provide the best experience for their current students with the knowledge they continue to nurture the brightest and the most talented of academicians and artists in the region. Recipients are selected by the department based on their contributions to their chosen field.

Past Recipients

2013Lynn Black, Joe Brandesky
2011Rhonda Blair
2009Gordy Hoffman, Kari Wahlgren
2008Gregory Hill
2007Paul Rudd
2006Bill Russell
2005Alex Graves, Mandy Patinkin
2004Christina Chang, Jay Karnes
2003Terre Jones
2002Laura Kirk
2001Marvin Carlson
2000Bob Dotson, Ron Parker
1999Mark Amin, Holmes Osborne
1998Neil LaBute, Joseph Roach
1997Gigi Gibson Bolt
1996James Still
1995LeWan Alexander
1993Joyce Malicky Castle
1991Ward Russell
1988Janis Ingham, Ken Marsolais
1987Hoite Caston, Nicholas Eliopoulos
1986Doug Curtis
1985John Waite Bowers, Kip Niven, Mike Robe
1984Kala Mays Stroup
1982David Yoder
1979J. Stephen Mills
1978Lynn R. Osborn
1960Bill Shipley
1959Martin Maloney
1958Robert Gard, William Inge