Guest Artists

Students in the department benefit from a steady stream of visiting artists and scholars. Each year, guest artists, researchers, and master teachers spend days—even weeks—giving our students further opportunities to work with theatre & dance professionals. Our visiting artists & scholars programs are an important source for international education at the University of Kansas. Guests to the department include visitors from the United Kingdom, Ireland, Greece, Lithuania, Australia, Kosovo, China, and Israel.

Recent guest choreographers and dancers include Mary Anthony, Karole Armitage, Wally Cardona, Patrick Corbin, Carl Corry, Rauly Duenas, Bill Evans, Gabrielle Lamb, José Limón, Belén Maya, KT Nelson & ODC Dance Company, Claire Porter, Michael Simms, Twyla Tharp, Melissa Thodos & THODOS Dance Company, and William Whitener. Dance guest artists are funded in part by the Hamburg and Peterson funds.

Recent guest playwrights, directors, and actors include Walter Coppage, Paris Crayton III, Nakeisha Daniel, Alex Espy, Moses Goldberg, Cara Hinh, Janet Hood, Priest Hughes, Susan Kerner, Lynn A. King, Neil LaBute, Guo-Hua Lei, Andrew Lewis, Topher Payne, Tlaloc Rivas, Bill Russell, Beth Turcotte, Kevin Vavasseur, Gabriel Vega Weissman, Elle Walker, and Sharifa Yasmin. Many theatre guest artists are funded in part by the LeWan Alexander Spiritship Fund and the Ronald A. Willis Visiting Scholar/Artist Fund.

Walter Coppage performs in "Chasing Gods."

Walter Coppage performs in "Chasing Gods."

Belén Maya performing in "Romnia."

Belén Maya performs in "Romnia."

Elle Walker performing in "The Devils Between Us."

Elle Walker performs in "The Devils Between Us."