Theatre Performance Opportunities

Involvement in theatre production is central to all our theatre degrees.  Each year, we produce 3-6 fully-staged productions in the University Theatre, ranging from drama, comedy, musical, and opera.

  • As part of their degree, theatre students are involved onstage and backstage.
  • We provide dozens of opportunities each year for student actors, designers, stage managers, directors or dramaturgs.  
  • Because we believe every theatre student should understand the technical stage arts, our students are required to gain experience as stage crew members in lighting, costume, or sets. They receive credit through practicum courses (THR 101, 201, 301, and 401).
  • The Jayhawk Initiative for Student Theatre and KU Improv are student-run organizations open to all. We support both organizations by providing rehearsal space and sometimes host their events in our performance spaces.

Visit the University Theatre website for the latest productions and audition announcements. For production schedules, crew policies and other essential information about working in production, visit Backstage.