Brian Ten Eyck Davis Award

Dr. Jed H. Davis established the Brian Ten Eyck Davis Award to honor his son Brian in 1996. 

The award is presented to a graduate or an undergraduate in the department. Preference shall be given to students who have demonstrated innovative and creative work in the area of theatrical hairstyling and/or makeup for one or more University Theatre productions.

The Award is presented by nomination and vote of the faculty & staff of the department.

Past Recipients

2024Knox McClendon
2023Quinton Castro
2022John Dylon Rohr
2021Hanah Glimpse
2020Kate Smeltzer
2019Harlan Shoemaker
2018Mija Jones
2017Leah Mazur
2016Pamela Rodríguez-Montero
2015Alexandra Reece
2014Pamela Rodriguez-Montero
2013Tatyana Wilds
2012Elahe Marjovi
2011Laurie Winkel
2010Marilyn Haines
2009Allison Chase
2008Allison Chase
2007Catherine Provost
2006Catherine Provost
2005Summer Eglinski
2004Summer Eglinski
2003Aaron Dyszelski
2002Monica Wille
2001Xavier Rice
2000Penny Laden
1999Erin Jones
1998Erin Jones
1997Jason Holland
1996Galina Urman