Directed Study (THR 498 & THR 499)

Students interested in pursuing a Directed Study (THR 499), or Department Honors Directed Study (THR 498) should follow the guidelines below to create a proposal. 


  • Directed studies are independent research/performance projects self-directed and conducted independently by students. You initiate and decide on a particular topic of investigation and research question of interest to you. Write up a detailed, 1-page proposal that explains what and why you want to investigate a specific question and topic. Be sure to explain what you plan to do to meet the criteria for KU Core Goal 6
  • You should consider projects that are not offered in theatre course rotation or projects that involve a deeper engagement with a particular topic already explored in a course.
  • B.F.A. Theatre Design students may have different obligations (e.g., UT assignments).
  • Choose one faculty mentor and share your proposal to flesh out your ideas in detail.
  • Once a professor agrees to mentor you on your project, create your own “syllabus” or planned schedule of what you will do and turn in by specific due dates over the course of the semester.
  • Fill out the Directed Study Form below. Lowen Millspaugh will give you a permission number to enroll in THR 498 or 499.
  • If you meet the criteria for THR 498 (above) at the time of enrollment, you may enroll in THR 498 to achieve departmental honors. Otherwise, you will enroll in THR 499.
  • The Center for Undergraduate Research offers tips for getting started and additional opportunities for funding, sharing your work, and submitting papers to the Journal of Undergraduate Research.
  • If your project involves a performance or public presentation, you must reserve the use of the Inge Theatre or other spaces well in advance. Visit Facility Use for more information.