Undergraduate Internship (THR 307)

If students choose to use this course to satisfy KU Core Goal 6, they will independently:

  • Integrate theatre knowledge and skills by connecting, adapting, applying, and transferring theories and practices within and across theatre (i.e., all theatre courses and experiences to date).
  • Create an entirely new or innovative product by explaining and solving problems, exploring and analyzing issues, taking risks, incorporating new approaches, examining divergent or contradictory perspectives, questioning assumptions, and evaluating the resulting product.

Course Description

Supervised study with an approved theater company or project. May be repeated for credit. No more than six hours may be applied to the B.A. or B.G.S. degrees. This course will be graded satisfactory/unsatisfactory. Prerequisite: Consent of instructor and at least seven hours credit in the department.

Application and Approval Process

(to be completed at least two months in advance of the proposed internship)

  • The student fills out the form below and includes a detailed description of the internship. (Note: To satisfy Core Goal 6, students must work a minimum of 144 hours and enroll in 3 credit hours. If the student decides to repeat the course by doing an additional internship or enrolls for 1 credit (48 working hours) or 2 credits (96 working hours), then these credits will count as THR electives.
  • Before the internship begins, the off-campus internship supervisor fills out the Internship Supervisor Form, describing what the student will be expected to do during the internship, and agreeing in advance to monitor and evaluate the student’s performance.
  • Upon submission of these two items, the theatre Faculty advisor and department chair decide whether to approve the proposed internship. The student then receives a permission number to enroll with a designated faculty advisor.

Upon completion of the Internship

(to be completed within one month after the internship)

  • The off-campus internship supervisor submits an evaluation of the student’s work to the theatre faculty advisor.
  • The student provides a portfolio of sample materials that demonstrate how they integrated and extended their theatre knowledge and skills and the effectiveness of the original project(s) they created independently and/or collaboratively (e.g., significant documents created, photos or video clips of the process and final product). They also submit a self-evaluation of their work that explains their integration of theatre knowledge and skills and the effectiveness of the original project(s) they created independently and/or collaboratively.