Theatres/Performance Spaces

Theatre & Dance students may reserve theatres and performance spaces for academic activities, which are projects—often a public performance—associated with credit-earning, formal instruction such as directed study. All requests must include the class name and the sponsoring professor's name. Please review the conditions of use and technical information before submitting your request.

Theatre & Dance theatres & performance spaces may be rented on a limited basis by other KU departments or student organizations. Visit Non-Departmental Reservations for more information.

Conditions of Use and Inge Theatre

  • All events must comply with KU non-smoking policy.
  • There will be no food in any production area. Bottled or lidded drinks are allowed in the house.
  • Your sponsoring professor or a member of the production staff must be present during all rehearsals and performances in the facility.
  • No costumes, scenery, or properties will be provided.
  • All scenery, special effects, and properties must be approved by the Technical Director.
  • No rigging will be allowed.
  • See below for the specific lighting & sound information for each performance space.
  • Lighting Control
    • ETC ION 2000 with faderwing
  • Lighting Instruments
    • Typically a modification of the previous show’s lightplot
    • Will give isolation of approx. 9 areas
    • Some Specials may be available
  • Sound Control
    • Existing 16 channel mixer
    • Computer, CD and Mini Disk Playback available
  • Seating
    • The seating arrangement will be determined by the production staff.
    • Typically it is the seating arrangement from the previous show.