Students perform in a scene from the musical "Spring Awakening"


The term “Scenography” includes all of the elements that contribute to establishing an atmosphere and mood for a theatrical presentation: lighting, sound, set and costume design.

The M.F.A. Scenography program at KU is based on the premise that theatrical designers in the 21st century must be conversant with all areas of theatre design. The aim is to find the areas of commonality and intersection among the separate disciplines. Students master a larger palette of contemporary design possibilities based on the unique seeing process of the age. Through a series of carefully structured projects, both in the classroom and on the stage, the program provides students the opportunity to develop the critical and artistic skills that will allow them to create design ideas that go beyond the literal surface of the play into spatial and visual arrangements that are dynamic, resonant, and poetic.

The B.F.A. in Theatre Design is intended as general preparation for the professional designer of scenery, costumes, sound, and lighting or as preparation for further graduate study. Students learn through small-class studio courses, laboratories, and involvement in productions with the University Theatre and University Dance Company. 

Scenography Faculty

Students perform in "Adding Machine: A Musical"

Adding Machine: A Musical - 2013

A student performs in "Airness"

Airness - 2021

Students perform in "The Other Shore"

The Other Shore - 2014